Mental Health in the Workplace Kit

As a manager or human resource professional, it is highly likely you will manage an employee with a mental health issue at some point in your career.

Managing people is complex and challenging in itself. Managing staff with suspected or known mental health issues is even more demanding to ensure a sensitive and effective approach that is consistent with legislative requirements.

At CCI, we are regularly called by employers looking for assistance in relation to a situation with an employee who has a suspected or known mental health issue.

CCI’s kit for managing mental health in the workplace provides managers and HR professionals with the practical resources and information required to appropriately manage employees and prospective employees with mental health issues, from a combined occupational health and safety; employment relations; and workers’ compensation perspective.

The Managing Mental Health in the Workplace Kit (The Kit) is a practical guide to situations including:

  • What to do in an emergency;
  • Having an “R U OK?” conversation;
  • Requesting information from a medical practitioner;
  • Performance managing an employee with suspected mental health issues;
  • Reasonable adjustments; and
  • Managing absences.

The Kit introduces key aspects of relevant legislation, including; Occupational Safety and Health, Workers’ Compensation, Fair Work and Discrimination legislation.

The Kit will address common queries human resource and safety staff are likely to address on a regular basis.

It also includes pro-forma policies, plans, letters and other supplementary documents commonly needed when managing mental health issues in the workplace.

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