Employee Relations Video Series

Welcome to CCI's series about employee relations issues. CCI has produced a range of videos and podcasts looking at how different issues affect your business and the actions you can take to make sure you get it right.

The six part series covers:

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Episode 1

Award Minimum Wage Obligations

Understanding your award obligations is a fundamental requirement for business owners when it comes to compliance with employment obligations.

To avoid claims and fines for breach of award, ensure you are applying the right award and paying the correct minimum wages, penalty rates and loadings to staff.

This video explains the difference between national and state system employers, how award coverage works and the risks of getting it wrong.

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Episode 2

Underpayment of Wages

Even the most minor of underpayments can snowball into huge wage bills over time, particularly where multiple employees are involved. There is also the potential to incur significant fines that far outweigh the original underpayment.

Bad publicity resulting from underpayments can seriously impact on your corporate reputation and the company’s bottom line. This video explores the risks, recent case law development and prevention tips for employers.

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Episode 3

Record Keeping Requirements

The Fair Work Ombudsman undertakes regular compliance audits targeting specific industries to ensure record keeping requirements are being met.

Businesses that fail to meet their record keeping obligations can incur on-the-spot fines and face litigation and more substantial penalties.

This video considers record keeping obligations under both the State and National industrial relations systems, the cost of failure to comply and how you can meet your record keeping obligations.

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Episode 4

Performance Management

Pro-active performance management can be the key to business success. Tackling issues as they arise and before they affect business operations or other staff is critical.

Failing to address performance issues in a timely fashion can lead to premature termination, placing the business at risk of unfair dismissal, adverse action or discrimination claims. Knowing when and how to performance manage is essential for all business owners.

This video considers the appropriate steps to take when performance managing employees to mitigate the risk.

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Episode 5

Workplace Bullying

The recent introduction of workplace bullying legislation provides employees with an avenue to pursue complaints where they believe they are being bullied in their workplace.

Understand what workplace bullying looks like and what you can do to prevent bullying from happening in your business to avoid lost time dealing with these matters and expensive compensation claims and other types of action.

This video considers what workplace bullying is, who the legislation covers and how you can mitigate your risk.

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Episode 6

Public Holidays

Employee entitlements when it comes to public holidays are much broader than just penalty rates.

With multiple pieces of legislation covering this area and complex interactions between law and industrial instruments, understanding public holiday entitlements can be difficult. This can be a complex area but if managed well it can save businesses from outlaying unnecessary expense.

This video considers where public holiday entitlements come from, some of the complexities of public holiday provisions and the interaction with other employment entitlements.

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