Poor mental health is likely to affect 1 in 5 of your workers

Heads Up is a joint initiative from beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance (MHWA). It aims to encourage Australian businesses to invest in mentally healthy workplaces and has the full support and endorsement of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI). More than three million Australians experience depression or anxiety

More than three million Australians experience depression or anxiety. These conditions tend to affect people mostly during their prime working years (16 to 64 years) so it is important for workplaces to be well equipped to effectively deal with these issues.

Research has shown that while Australian business leaders admit mental health is important in the workplace, it does not rank highly on their priority list, with many other issues taking precedence.

Heads Up puts mental health high on the business agenda and encourages business leaders to foster a mentally healthy workplace. They can do this by signing up through the Heads Up website. Business representatives who register will be encouraged to complete a quick and easy action plan that will arm them with the resources and knowledge to take the first step in creating a mentally healthy environment for their employees.

CCI and beyondblue believe every Australian workplace should aim to:

  Raise awareness of mental health; 
End workplace stigma and discrimination against people experiencing mental health problems; 
Endorse supportive policies and procedures; and 
  Be aware of the tools and resources available to support businesses. 

CCI can assist with any OSH, workers’ compensation or employee relations issues you may be experiencing in relation to an employee with a mental health condition. Contact our Employee Relations Advice Centre on (08) 9365 7660 or email advice@cciwa.com if you would like any further information or assistance.

Click below for free action plans, posters, guides and fact sheets to assist when dealing with mental health in the work place.

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CCI is proud to support beyondblue and the ‘Heads Up’ initiative.

Go to headsup.org.au to learn how to create a mentally healthy workplace.

Heads Up is a joint initiative from beyondblue and the Mentally Healthy Workplace Alliance (MHWA)