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Business SurveyThe Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (GFCC) and its partners - including the World Economic Forum - are conducting a global business survey on how corporations are adopting new ways to engage talent.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry is calling on businesses to complete the important international survey.

It asks businesses about whether they offer formal programs with flexible terms for work and life balance and whether they would be increased or decreased in the next five years.

The survey asks how many people participate in the programs and which age groups are the most frequent users. Other questions refer to engaging consults externally, whether the business has an alumni and what the value of an alumni might be.

Participants will receive first-hand insights on how corporations are adopting new practices to engage with talent, particularly in knowledge-intensive and innovation-oriented functions.

The survey should take about seven minutes to complete and is expected to close within weeks.

The GFCC is a global network of leaders from competitive councils around the world. In addition to the goals of sharing best practices among councils, the organisation develops a yearly statement of shared principles for accelerating global competitiveness and prosperity.

Get first-hand insights on international talent engagement practices – take the survey now.


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