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CCI and the Community Newspaper Group are giving Wanneroo business owners the opportunity to air their concerns to candidates in the March State Election at the Wanneroo election forum on 22 February.

Read more about what’s bothering Wanneroo businesses at Community News.

Small business already faces daily challenges from human resource management, IT systems, juggling finances and meeting our customers’ needs, but red tape makes everything harder says Bosch Timber Floors managing director Richard Catlin.

Catlin, who has stores in Wangara and Myaree, says external issues such as “economic conditions, competitors and the dreaded red tape can impact our business efficiency”.

He calls on the State Government to make life easier by cutting through unnecessary red tape such as the General Retail Industry Award.

“Under this award permanent part-time employees must have set hours in place of when they will work within their contract. If the employer and employee then agree to any additional hours to be worked from time-to-time, the employer must pay a casual loading for those “out of contract” hours,” he says.

“This reduces flexibility as employers are less likely to offer additional hours if they must pay a premium for the same level of work. Similarly, if an employee wants to change a day to fit in with their schedule from time-to-time, annual leave must be taken rather than being able to simply “swap days” of work for that week.

“In this real life example of my own business, both the employer and the employee are disadvantaged by the regulation.”

He says it adds an unnecessary level of complexity to the business for both employer and employee.

“I have outstanding staff who are paid well over the award rate. Issues like this are well covered within our contracts of employment to ensure the employees are not disadvantaged while keeping the option of changing or adding time flexible.

“However, this would not be achievable if the employee was new and working at the “award rate” and the regulation does nothing to protect the employee or incentivise the employer.”   

CCI has launched the Helping Business Work Map, which allows business owners in every state electorate to post their industry-related concerns onto a dedicated page for their State electorate.

The map complements CCI’s interactive Payroll Tax Calculator, which shows business owners how much they could save if the payroll tax threshold was incrementally increased.

CCI modelling has shown 900 jobs could be created if the threshold was lifted by $100,000.

►Is red tape an issue for your business? Share your thoughts on our Helping Business Work Map to amplify your business’ voice this election.

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