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Employment Law Fundamentals blog 

Employment law in Australia may be complex but business owners, management, payroll and human resource professionals must comply with the laws.

Failure to comply may lead to financial penalties and time consuming claims.

A good way to protect your business against inadvertently contravening workplace laws is to attend CCI’s Employment Law Fundamentals training course, which provides an introduction to employment law and assists participants to become comfortable with the basics of what they need to know in order to comply with workplace laws.

Participants will learn about employment contracts; what they are; when they are formed and how they operate in unison with legislation; awards and agreements.

The course will give participants an understanding of the different types of employment, as well as the principles to determine the difference between a contractor and an employee.

Another benefit of the course will be to provide a good foundation to understand the basics of termination and what to consider for resignations, performance or misconduct based terminations and the redundancy process and entitlements.

The next available course is scheduled for 13 March. Participants then have the option of further learning if they attend the Employment Law Fundamentals Part 2A: HR is your responsibility.

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