Consumers want longer shopping hours: CCI Survey

The majority of Western Australian consumers want longer shopping hours on weekdays and Sundays, according to a new survey from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI).

Nearly 60 per cent of WA consumers said they would support extended trade on weekdays, while 23 per cent said their feelings were neutral on the issue.

Around 54 per cent said they were in favour of extended trade on Sundays, with 18 per cent indifferent.

CCI Chief Executive Officer Deidre Willmott said the public’s feelings were clear – WA shoppers want retail trading hours reform now.

“It’s 2017 – it is high time that Western Australia’s archaic and bizarre retail trading laws were fully deregulated so consumers can choose when they shop and businesses can choose when they open,” Ms Willmott said.

“Whichever party forms State Government should finally set shopping free and cut the ridiculous red tape that limits retail trading hours – the current system stifles business activity, hinders job creation and is totally out-of-step with the needs of a modern economy.

“The WA business community welcomes the Liberal Party’s commitment to allow trade from 9am on Sundays should they be re-elected – CCI calls on WA Labor to acknowledge the public’s wishes and make a commitment to do the same.”

CCI’s survey also showed that overwhelmingly, consumers did not think that extended trading hours would have an impact on family time – around 85 per cent said reform would either have no impact or would actually have a positive effect on recreational activities.

Ms Willmott said this reflected WA’s modern economy in which shopping is an attractive leisure option and important driver of tourism.

“Shopping, retail and tourism activities enrich family time – not restrict it,” Ms Willmott said.

“CCI’s survey shows that not only do consumers feel that extended trading hours would have no impact or a positive influence on their lifestyle, but this desire for extended trade extends across the state – more than 60 per cent of metropolitan consumers supported extended trading hours on weekdays, which was not that far off the 53 per cent of regional consumers who were also in favour of extra shopping hours during the week.

“For Sundays, 72 per cent of metro consumers either supported extended Sunday trade or expressed a neutral view – in the regions, this was 70 per cent.

“CCI has long-called for Western Australia’s antiquated retail trading laws to be fully deregulated, so we call on all political parties contesting the state election to let business owners open longer hours and create jobs for the community.”

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