Our alliances

CCI is WA’s peak business body and maintains strong working relationships with other State Chambers across Australia as well as the national body, the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI). ACCI is the peak lobby group for employers in Australia and through its policy work ensures that the needs of business Australia-wide are represented on both sides of Government.

CCI plays a key role in the policy development of ACCI. The policy work by the committees and forums associated with CCI assist members at a regional, Local, State and Federal level. This allows us to continue supporting the private sector, championing productivity and economic growth, creating jobs and improving community living standards.

In addition to strong representation on a number of committees and forums throughout Australia, CCI recently accepted an invitation by the Australian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce (ICC) to become the first Chamber member on their newly established Advisory Board. Consisting of a number of influential business leaders from across the country, the Advisory Board will focus on promoting and serving the interests of Aboriginal businesses and people. It will identify, encourage, support and work with Aboriginal leaders to achieve economic success independent of Governments.

Through our national associations and our strong influence in the State, CCI will continue to provide business with practical advice, support and assistance, ensuring continued growth and success both now and into the future.

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