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Who we are

CCI Construction Services provide industrial relations and employee relations advice and assistance to clients, service providers, fabricators, contractors and lower tier subcontractors. CCI Construction Services are the preferred employee relations consultancy for all major WA resource construction projects. The Construction Services team has extensive experiencing in designing, implementing and managing employee relations and strategies for major projects in WA. 

What we do

Construction Services takes a proactive approach towards employee relations and human resources by working on projects from the outset to help foster a productive working environment. Our employee relations advisors are allocated to particular projects and offer a broad range of advice and services from the beginning of a project through to completion. Consultancy is available on a full range of issues including contractor management, agreement making, union right of entry, the management of industrial disputes and any strike action. When every day on a project is valuable, it is vitally important to have industrial relations experts that your business can rely on and, with the support of CCI Construction Services, you can be assured of this.

How can we help you?

We employ a team of highly skilled and experienced advisors, each with backgrounds in human resource management and employee relations, who can assist and offer advice on workplace issues in all areas of mining, construction, resources and manufacturing. Over 25 years of practical, hands-on experience enables our advisors to deliver comprehensive planning, advisory, negotiation and onsite services across the entire lifecycle of major resource projects. The Construction Services team provides:

  • Delivery of immediate and informed employee and industrial relations advice in line with the project strategy and objectives.
  • The provision of an employee and industrial relations service to the project that encompasses advice on rates of pay and conditions, site practices and procedures.
  • Support when training supervisory and management personnel in employee and industrial relations matters.
  • Regular feedback and reports to the project team on employee and industrial relations issues and events.
  • Participation with the project team and subcontractors in risk identification and risk mitigation strategy meetings.
  • The establishment of, and participation in, any employee and industrial relations management committee (IRMC) meetings.

On the frontline

Here are some examples of the projects CCI Construction Services is currently working with:

  • Wheatstone Project LNG Plant
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore Expansion Project
  • Inpex Browse Icthys Gas Field Development
  • BHP Billiton Iron Ore Asset Development Projects
  • Macedon Gas Project
  • Karara Iron Ore Project
  • Cape Preston Sino Iron Ore Project
  • NAAN3 Project
  • Roy Hill Project
  • SSJV Desalination Project

Want more information?

For more information on how CCI’s Construction Services team can help you with your next project, please contact:

Warren Edwardes, Construction Services General Manager
Ph: 0488 919 149

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