International Trade and Investment Centre Services

“Let us identify the right foreign suppliers and make sure you know your costs and regulations are in place before you start importing”

- Philippe Pierson - Senior International Trade Development Officer CCI 

Importing provides many opportunities for Western Australian businesses and individuals to make a profit and grow your business. By having the right skills and knowledge, it will save you from risking money and your product. The International Trade and Investment Centre will make sure you fully understand the import process including rules and regulations of customs and duty, import permits, prohibited and restricted goods. Our import trade specialists will sit with you and work out the most appropriate solution around red tape as well as identifying the right foreign suppliers to ensure profitable growth.

Services include

  • Identifying the right foreign suppliers and manufacturers;
  • Understanding the import process which includes costings and incoterms
  • Market research on the Australian market, distribution options and pertinent shipping information
  • Developing a successful entry strategy for your products and services
  • Advice on import procedures and regulations including customs and quarantine, GST, purchase contracts, agency and distributorship agreements, documentation, shipping, finance and payments;
  • Marketing strategy, advertising, website preparation and collateral preparation

For more information, please contact us: (08) 9365 7620 or email

“We will find you buyers to build your sales and help you navigate export market entry safely.”

- Nick Paterniti – TradeSart Advisor 

Let the International Trade and Investment Centre specialists connect you to new global markets and assist you with identifying opportunities across the world. Whether your business is exporting goods for the first time, or seeking to develop new export markets, let ITIC be there each step of your export journey.

Services include

  1. Cross border tax planning, IP protection and help with legal contract and dispute resolution.
  2. Export readiness evaluation for each target market
  3. Help prioritising export market targets
  4. Understand your competition, their prices and market share in each country
  5. Connection with over 80 offices in 40 countries to help you find buyers.
  6. Help navigating export compliance, logistics, cultural marketing and other aspects of exporting to global markets
  7. Access to government grants to lower your export marketing development costs.
  8. International marketing collateral preparation including micro-websites, translation, presentation, advertising and newsletter preparation
  9. Speak with a specialist and understand the appropriate export documentation for your business (Certificate of Origin, Free Trade Agreements and Carnets).
  10. Learn about growing your business through country of origin branding

For more information, please contact us: (08) 9365 7620 or email

“We help you prepare your investment collateral and find the right investment partners to grow your business.”

- Darren Levy - Manager, International Trade Services CCI 

Securing new working capital or project capital investment for growth doesn’t mean having to change your core business values. It entails clear communication in order to effectively position  your investment to attract like-minded investors. CCI can assist you to identify appropriate investors and prepare your documentation and pitch to position your company to engage effectively. CCI has extensive access to capital and investor networks looking for new projects. CCI can assist you in making appropriate introductions.

Services include

  • Understanding your investment readiness gaps prior to pitching to a funding provider
  • Information memorandum (IM) writing and marketing collateral preparation
  • Coaching in communication and presentation skills – you only get one chance with an investor
  • Investor network introductions

For more information, please contact us: (08) 9365 7620 or email

We actively advocate on behalf of our members to reduce government red tape across importing, exporting, investment and policy, to make doing business in Western Australia easier.

Services include

  • Proactively contribute to state and federal international trade and investment policy.
  • Actively advocate for Western Australian expansion of trade;
  • Create new market opportunities in Western Australia
  • Foster investment opportunities and relationships between local businesses and investment project owners, with a view to magnify production and exports.

For more information, please contact us: (08) 9365 7620 or email

Legal & Contract Services

Companies that conduct business around the globe must comply with administrative rules and regulations which can affect their ability to conduct business or expand. CCI experts will assess the legal, compliance and reputational risks that could threaten your business objectives.

Services include:

  1. Commercial contract help
  2. Cross border dispute resolution
  3. Contract templates
  4. Patent
  5. Trademark
  6. Arbitration

Cross Border Tax

Whether your business is looking to expand overseas or set up in another country, cross-border taxation will present your business with unique risks, traps and opportunities. CCI’s team of highly experienced professionals will work with you to build proactive and truly integrated global tax strategies that will address the tax risks of your business and assist you with achieve sustainable growth.

Services include 

  1. Cross border tax
  2. Withholding tax advice
  3. Setting up a foreign office
  4. Controlled foreign corporation
  5. Profit repatriation
  6. Double taxation agreements 

Customs Broking Advice

Ensure your shipments are compliant and meet all regulations. Let CCI experts provide you with cost-effective, consistent customs broking solutions making the clearance process simple and fast.

Services Include:

  1. Vocational Training
  2. Tradex re-export advice
  3. Enhanced Project Bi-Law Scheme
  4. Subcontract Clearance
  5. Regulation Interpretation
  6. Tariff Classification Audit
  7. Duty Minimisation Advice
  8. Compliance Assessments
  9. Tariff Concession Order
  10. Dusty Drawbacks
  11. GST Deferrals
  12. Foreign FTZ Compliance 

Marketing Collateral

When it comes to promoting and advertising your product or business in overseas markets, there are other factors you need to take into consideration other than just language. Culture, market saturation and customer buying behaviours are all areas that need to be adapted to your branding to account for differences in world markets. Our team of international marketing experts will work with you and your businesses to deliver end-to-end solutions in the fields of design, digital, communication and sales, ensuring the best strategies for your business to reach new customers.

Services include:

  1. E-Newsletter Package
  2. Microsite
  3. PR Package
  4. Video Package
  5. Social Media Kick-start
  6. Advertising Graphics
  7. Logo Package

Specialised Sourcing

Products sourcing overseas can benefits businesses by cutting production costs or allowing you to start up that new business venture. Avoid costly mistakes by learning the best countries to import from with the assistance from CCI’s import team. 

Finding Export Buyers

The team at CCI will utilise customised market research and networks to help exporters identify and qualify leads for potential buyers, distributers and licensees.

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