Small business and retail

Responsible for employing almost half of West Australians, the small business sector plays a significant role in the WA economy. The sector is diverse in nature with the majority of businesses forming a large part of the services industry.

Small business owners face a number of challenges in WA; the main ones being the cost of doing business and red tape. CCI’s policy focus for small business covers a range of issues encompassing tax reform, reducing the regulatory burden on small business and a forward looking agenda to develop a vision for the sector.

CCI’s Small Enterprise Network (SEN) Advisory Panel provides invaluable input into these policy issues. The SEN Advisory Panel is made up of over 24 small business owners covering a wide range of industries.

The retail sector plays an important role in WA’s economy, employing more than 136,000 people. Increasingly the retail sector is facing tough conditions from online competition and the global marketplace. Even with these tough conditions though, WA retailers are performing better than other retailers in Australia. CCI maintains a voice for the retail sector in WA through its engagement with retail members and the local media.

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