CCI is calling for a long-term infrastructure plan for the state that will ensure WA gets the future infrastructure it needs.

A 20-year State Infrastructure Strategy overseen by an independent infrastructure advisory body comprised of public and private sector representatives would also provide greater certainty for business and potential investors.

This independent body would replace the Infrastructure Coordinating Committee.

Much like Infrastructure NSW and Infrastructure Victoria, this independent WA body would be tasked with the development of long-term infrastructure plans for the state and development of a pipeline of priority projects.

CCI recommends the government engage the private sector to look at ways to improve efficiency of service delivery and explore options for the funding and delivery of economic and social infrastructure. Without a long-term infrastructure plan for WA, the state will witness:

  • economic waste of tax dollars through aborted projects, unnecessary duplication and the absence of cost synergies;
  • the potential for satellite communities like Ellenbrook to become stranded from Perth; and
  • the most congested roads in the country.

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