A Vision for WA

State of the Future - A Vision for WA
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CCI's vision is for Western Australia to be a world leading place to live and do business.

This vision recognises the vital connection between business and the broader WA community. Business builds prosperous and lively communities, through job opportunities, the delivery of goods and services and by allowing the economy to thrive and grow.

CCI’s State of the Future report is the first in a series of papers that outlines our vision for WA over the next 20 years, and highlights opportunities to transform our State into a world leading place to live and do business.

The report sets out a plan for the state that will require a reform agenda of wider and deeper economic liberalisation.

If we achieve our Vision:

  • The WA economy will more than double, to be worth $570bn;
  • An additional 740,000 people will be employed;
  • Total workforce will be 2.3 million;
  • WA will have more than 1 million new residents, bringing population to 3.5 million;
  • A six-fold increase in research and development spending by business will total $24bn; and
  • More than half a million additional people will have a tertiary qualification.
We see a future where:

How WA performsCCI Chief Executive Deidre Willmott said economic and government reform would be critical in reaching these goals.

“At the moment, productivity and innovation are lagging - excessive growth in government spending has brought with it significant challenges, and disadvantage does prevail in some areas of our community,” Ms Willmott said.

“We need to create an economic environment that allows business to flourish, to ensure WA continues to excel into the future.”

“CCI strongly recommends responsibility for all regulatory reform and gatekeeping matters be transferred to a single group like the ERA, with a single Minister be made responsible for red tape reduction.”

“CCI also recommends the WA Government looks at reducing the overall tax burden by $653 million to make WA competitive with other states.”

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