Grants and free business support

We deliver a range of Government funded services for your business to tap into for free. Get help with developing your workforce or growing your business.

The following programs and services are available:


Our innovative careers hub, Skillsroad, is regarded as Australia’s number one destination for independent career advice. This free website offers a Career Quiz, over 350 career profiles, a Job-Fit test to assess work-readiness and career compatibility and other online tools and resources for students and job-seekers as well as their parents, teachers and employers. ► More info.

Australian Apprenticeship Support Network provider – Apprenticeship Support Australia

We offer employers holistic business-wide training advice and can assist in recommending suitable qualifications, advice on how to access government funding for training, help with matching and recruitment of new staff, as well as ongoing coaching, mentoring and support of apprentices and trainees. ► More info.

Australian Government

Entrepreneur's Programme

Get assistance to evaluate your business by our expert advisers and you may eligible to access a Business Growth Grant of up to $20,000 to engage a consultant/s to make improvements to your business, through the Entrepreneur’s Programme. ► More info

 Australian Government

Heads Up

Access an action plan tool and phone support to improve the mental health status of your workplace. ► More info.



Access to an adviser that supports small and medium sized exporters to achieve long term success within international markets. ► More info.

Australian Government

Work Integrated Learning Advisory Service

Support for employers to access and setup 100 hours of undergraduate unpaid work placements. ► More info.