Acknowledgment of Country

Our Reconciliation Commitment

CCIWA has played an important role in advancing trade and commerce in Western Australia since 1890. It is a fraction of the time Aboriginal people have spent living here. And it is critical we reflect that, across this period of our organisation’s existence, our Aboriginal people have not been afforded the human dignity and economic rights of so many others in our community.

While our economy has achieved extraordinary advancements in this time, the prosperity has not been shared with the people who have connected with our land for more than 60,000 years. It is an enormous moral failure that needs to be addressed. CCIWA’s commitment to play our part is absolute and there are two fundamental dimensions to this. Within our organisation we will take action.

  • We will improve employment outcomes for Aboriginal people.
  • We will change our procurement approach.
  • We will immerse our people in cultural education; becoming better students of history and better observers of culture and the sacred link Aboriginal people have to Country.

With others, we will provide leadership in bridging the gap, until such time there is no gap at all. We will ensure the voice we have provided for Aboriginal people through CCIWA’s Constitution has a genuine impact on our policy and advocacy work. We will help build the skills of Aboriginal people across our State. We will support Aboriginal businesses to thrive. We will foster Aboriginal participation in supply chains. We will combine with like-minded partners to make the change all Australians deserve.

Critically, we will approach our role with absolute humility, recognising we need to better informed and that an innate curiosity will lead to heightened understanding and empathy, and ultimately, the reconciliation we all deserve.

Our vision for reconciliation

Our vision for reconciliation is a Western Australia where Aboriginal people experience equal outcomes in socio-economic opportunities and connections across the state and together, we will make WA the best place to live and do business.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan Artwork

CCIWA is immensely proud to showcase the artistic talents of two of our employees as part of CCIWA’s Reconciliation journey.
This traditional piece has been created by Charlotte McVee and Tayla Larkins, who found their inspiration from their own perspectives and life experiences, Western Australian Aboriginal communities more generally, and the role that CCIWA and Apprentice Support Australia (ASA) plays in supporting the business and broader community in Western Australia.

The artwork has been named Moort Boodja and captures various interconnections and relationships between and among Aboriginal communities, which are the building blocks for long lasting, respectful, and productive relationships. The colours and symbols used are deliberate and powerful. The main colours and symbols of each Aboriginal community are reflected within this piece. Colours associated with CCIWA company values were also considered throughout as well.