Our Values

CCI’s values define how we work with each other, with our Members and our customers.

We employ people who are committed to achieving our goals and those of our Members. Our people demonstrate our values every day in the work they do.

We ensure every employee has a clear understanding of their role in the organisation and how they are personally contributing to CCI’s success, which in turn benefits our Members. We do this by providing staff with clear business objectives that are measurable against our agenda and values.

We return home safely everyday

  • We work to keep ourselves and others safe
  • We strive to create an environment where everyone is conscious of safety

We create value for our customers and Members

  • We work in partnership with our customers and Members, to help them succeed
  • We think ‘YES’

We strive for excellence

  • In all that we do
  • We look for new ideas and change
  • We learn and improve from every experience

We deliver

  • We honour our commitment to delivering quality outcomes
  • We own our actions and take responsibility for outcomes
  • At all times, we demonstrate integrity and the highest ethical standards


  • Together with our customers, we work towards shared vision
  • We are all part of the outcome and everyone’s contribution is needed

CCI is committed to achieving the highest standards in Occupational Safety and Health by using our safety management standards and principles though our CCI Safe and Well system

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Our Values