Media Statements

13 August, 2017
A new campaign to help drive reinvestment in training and education by Goldfield’s businesses is set to launch this Sunday.
31 July, 2017
The Turnbull Government could face annihilation in WA at the next federal election if it fails to deliver a better GST deal for the state, according to recent polling by CCI.
27 July, 2017
Western Australia’s peak business advocate has issued a warning to the McGowan Government ahead of its first state budget, that new or increased taxes, fees and charges would result in job losses.
20 July, 2017
Western Australia’s economic woes could soon be a thing of the past, according to new analysis from WA’s peak business advocate.
13 July, 2017
The Business Council of Australia has thrown its weight behind the CCI proposal to reform the GST.
07 July, 2017
There are more Western Australian consumers feeling confident about the economy than there have been in nearly three years, according to the latest CCI survey.
29 June, 2017
WA business has welcomed the McGowan Government’s call for GST reform to improve incentives for national economic growth.
27 June, 2017
WA business has thrown its weight behind fixing the GST system, with industry associations representing over 18,000 businesses backing CCI's submission to the Productivity Commission.
22 June, 2017
Adjusting the fixed price of power is a critical step towards long-term budget repair and lower power prices in the future.
20 June, 2017
Banning development of new uranium mines will hinder Western Australia’s economic recovery and undermine diversification of the state’s resources sector.