The Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCI) has today strongly welcomed the recommendations of the State Government’s Service Priority Review to bring a long overdue business mindset to WA public sector management.

CCI Chief Executive Officer Deidre Willmott said CCI has long called for whole of government KPIs, performance linked executive pay, and a focus on outcomes instead of simply dollars inputted, to improve performance.

“These are standard practices in the business community to enhance efficiencies, and will significantly improve and modernise the community’s interface with government,” Ms Willmott said.

“CCI is also pleased that the review has backed CCI’s recommendation for co-design practices in service design and delivery and outcome-based regulation.

“Co-designing outcomes with industry prior to tender ensures that it is well understood and results in solid outcomes. Currently this does not happen regularly in tenders nor is it standard practice across agencies.

“We also welcome the review’s recommendation for government services that can be delivered online at a lower cost and comparable service level to be quickly digitised.

“The WA Government sits on a treasure trove of data that, if harnessed correctly, could help drastically improve service delivery and reduce costs. It will also go a long way to responding to CCI Members’ calls for the Government to improve functionality of government websites, planning and approval processes, and removing duplicative paperwork.

“WA needs to be the place where businesses 'want' to be located so this means creating an attractive business environment with less red tape by making it as easy as possible for the community and business to access and engage with government.

CCI’s view is that regulation is only warranted where it addresses a market failure and the benefits of regulation exceed the costs.

“If we want to create jobs and have higher wages in WA we have to be a globally competitive environment to invest which means less regulation,” Ms Willmott said.

“CCI therefore supports the review’s recommendation to shift its regulation focus from burden reduction to asset management, and to develop a regulatory reform program that prioritises areas that have a significant impact on business, consumers and the community.

“This backs CCI’s principle that ‘prevention is better than a cure’ – consultation with industry and thorough cost-benefit analyses will go a long way towards preventing poorly thought through regulation from being introduced in the first place.

“CCI has previously called for the Government to transfer responsibility for all regulatory reform and gatekeeping matters in WA to a single, adequately resourced, independent body. The ERA is well-placed to act in this capacity with a single Minister made responsible and accountable for red tape reduction.

“CCI looks forward to continuing to work with the Government as it implements the reviews recommendations, which are vital to improving the vibrancy and liveability of our cities and towns.”