Fixing the GST distribution is more important to WA voters than job creation, housing affordability, low wage growth, infrastructure and energy costs, according to research commissioned by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCI). 

West Australians want the GST distribution fixed and they want it fixed now.

Fixing the GST distribution is the most important issue to Western Australian voters, second only to concerns about cost of living. CCI commissioned the polling of 450 West Australians, asking them to rank their top three priority issues from an extensive list.  

CCI Chief Economist Rick Newnham said the polling also identified that 82 per cent of West Australians believe the current GST distribution is unfair.

“This is a galvanising issue in WA –  West Australians expect our politicians to be doing everything they can to fix the GST because the vast majority do not support the current system.

“Fixing the GST distribution is in the national interest, the Productivity Commission believes it should be changed and that fixing the system will boost the economy,” Mr Newnham said.                   

CCI has been leading the charge to advocate for GST reform on behalf of industry. The Productivity Commission concluded in its draft report that the current GST arrangements hold back the national economy and backed CCI’s proposal to fix the GST – the only organisation to have this support.

The WA and NSW Governments have since endorsed CCI’s proposal to fix the GST on the back of the Productivity Commission’s support.

“Long-term reform, as recommended by the Productivity Commission and CCI, is the only way to ensure all Australians get a fair go when it comes to GST distribution,” Mr Newnham said.

“Every state should be expected to stand on its own two feet but no state can be left to fall behind, and that is exactly what a change to the GST carve up will ensure.

“CCI has welcomed Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison’s firm commitment to fix the broken GST system this year.

“CCI will continue to work closely with the Federal and WA Governments to fix the GST once and for all and looks forward to the Productivity Commission’s final report being released soon.”

Federal Treasurer Scott Morrison will discuss this important issue and more at a CCI Breakfast on Tuesday, 3 July 2018. Click here to register.