The Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCI) welcomes the State Government’s announcement today that it has given the seal of approval for Huon Aquaculture to expand its kingfish operations to the Mid West.

Huon Aquaculture’s take up of operations in the Mid West Aquaculture Development Zone off Geraldton will significantly boost WA’s aquaculture sector and create thousands of jobs in the process.

While it is imperative that WA continues to develop its renowned resources sector, our State’s future is also tied to its capacity to diversify.

Today’s announcement is economic diversification in action and we congratulate the State Government for working with industry to develop this growth opportunity.

One of the critical ways CCI supports stronger growth and economic diversification is through our operation of the Industry Capability Network of WA (ICN) as part of an Australia-wide network that connects the countries supply chain with procurement opportunities.

ICN helps save project teams time by alerting suppliers to opportunities and connects suppliers who can undertake the full scope of works with project teams.

Since 2013, the team has helped more than 400 WA companies across the supply chain win work across over 1600 tenders and contracts, including in the aquaculture sector.

CCI looks forward to continuing to work with the Government to ensure WA can successfully diversify to remain competitive on a global playing field.

Businesses looking for their next contracting opportunity in WA can contact ICN to view a list of projects and work packages.