The Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA (CCI) is today calling on the Prime Minister to commit to holistic GST reform in the national interest, not short-term top-ups.

CCI Chief Economist Rick Newnham said today’s $189 million Federal Government cash injection into WA is welcome, but it doesn’t resolve Australia’s GST crisis that is holding the national economy back.

“Structural reform, as recommended by the Productivity Commission, is the only way to ensure all Australians get a fair go when it comes to GST distribution.

“Reform will incentivise states and territories to develop their own industries and grow the national economy.

“We should no longer accept that some state governments can sit back and let other states do the heavy lifting for them while they reap the benefits through the GST distribution.

“Every state should be expected to stand on its own two feet, and that is exactly what a change to the GST carve up will ensure.”

The Prime Minister has stated that he is ‘ensuring that the people of Western Australia get their fair share’ through this top-up.

“West Australians do not consider top-ups to 50 cents in the dollar to be a ‘fair share’ – the only right thing to do now is to fix the GST distribution once and for all,” Mr Newnham said.

“CCI has welcomed the Federal Government’s top-up payments over the past four years, with this latest cash injection taking the Government’s support to $1.4 billion, but band-aid’s will no longer cut it.

“To date, no political party has come close to solving this issue.

“The Prime Minister must commit to GST reform which is in the interest of every Australian – continued growth in the national economy depends on it.

“CCI looks forward to the Federal Government resolving this issue once and for all soon after it receives the Productivity Commission’s final report on 15 May.”