Apprenticeships lead to jobs

18 January, 2017

Employers should consider offering Year 12 graduates apprenticeships or traineeships with first round offers to universities released this week revealing a 6.7 per cent decrease in the number of offers compared with last year.

The Tertiary Institutions Service Centre said more than 3000 applicants – including WACE, interstate and mature-age – missed out on a main round offer from a WA university. About 89 per cent of WACE students received an offer, down from 92.8 per cent last year.

Meanwhile, a national study has revealed 83 per cent of graduates who undertake government-funded apprenticeships or traineeships are employed after training.

The figures, released by the National Centre for Vocation Education Research last month, are positive news against a backdrop of WA recording a high unemployment rate of 6.9 per cent.

Apprenticeship Support Australia Manager Lena Constantine is urging WA employers to recruit recent Year 12 graduates into an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Constantine says the high success rate shows the VET system effectively supports employers in training and building a capable, skilled workforce for the future.  

“We are seeing the vast majority of students go straight into employment, so we know that the vocational sector is providing effective support to employers and turning out highly-skilled workers who can contribute to the business,” she says.  

“This news should provide business with the comfort of knowing that any investment in training and upskilling staff through the VET sector is money well spent.”

“Graduates are ready-to-work, with capabilities and knowledge uniquely suited to your business and the service or products you provide.”

She says apprenticeships and traineeships allow young people to learn practical skills while obtaining a nationally recognised qualification.  

“The high employment rate upon completion shows that apprenticeships and traineeships are a worthwhile pathway for young people to consider.”

“Graduates are highly regarded by employers as they already have ‘work-ready’ skills. Their practical experience sets them apart from other graduates.”

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