Dockers are not Eagles' greatest threat says Chairman

24 February, 2017

It’s not the Dockers who pose the greatest threat to the West Coast Eagles in WA, says Chairman Russell Gibbs.

In fact, the Dockers are on the same page when it comes to competing for fans; and the clubs, in fact, complement one another.

Gibbs, who is also the CEO of property management company Hawaiian, spoke exclusively to The Guide in the lead-up to his appearance at the CCI Lighthouse Leadership Series on 23 March.

He says while most people may think the Dockers are their biggest competitor, they’re not.

“Fair answer but our competition is probably less of the Dockers and more of movies, retail, holidays, going to Bunnings and kid’s sport,” he says

“It’s anything where people spend discretionary dollar and discretionary time because we’re all time poor.

“We’re trying to get you to come along and engage for a minimum four hours a week watching us play football, either on the screen or on a seat.

“We have to present ourselves as a product. My job will be ensuring our value proposition is far beyond simply watching a game of football. Maybe I’m articulating it a little differently.”

Gibbs says one of the things he noticed when he came to the club was that they were doing some fantastic community work but weren’t telling anyone about it.

“That’s fine and to a degree there’s a balance about being boastful and doing things for the right reason and they were doing it very much for the right reason, however I don’t think there’s any harm in letting people be aware of it, not just because it’s good for your brand but it’s also a leadership position.”

He says in a lot of ways the West Coast Eagles’ values align with those of Hawaiian.