Hear the latest from IR experts

17 February, 2017

Hear from industrial relations experts about the hottest issues facing business in WA at the CCI IR Conference.

The popular event on the IR calendar will be held on 6 April at the Parmelia Hilton Perth.

Speakers include Australian Building and Construction Commission Regional Manager West (WA/SA/NT) Clifford Pettit, MS Society of WA CEO Marcus Stafford and CCIWA Principal Employee Relations Consultant Erin Bethel.

CEOs for Gender Equity Executive Director Tania Cecconi will also hold a workshop about how businesses can improve their representation of women.

She will present the case for change and why more women are needed, why it’s good for business and the economy.

Cecconi says it’s not that difficult to improve female numbers and she will hold a hands-on session to provide some practical tips.

“I don’t want to over or understate it, but no, not if you look at the things that you say to women about your business,” she says.

“Quite often people will say ‘I put an ad out and I’ve received 100 applicants and no females applied’.

“Well, you’ve got to say to people ‘what does my business say to women out there’ – are you female friendly?

“Quite often we hear there is a lack of female talent in the pipeline but we know in many cases, except for engineering, that women are graduating in higher numbers than men but for whatever reason are not being retained in businesses.”

Cecconi says there are lots of ways to reach out to women such as asking staff if they know of any qualified to apply for a position on top of traditional recruiting measures.

“So it’s recruiting in different ways and tapping women on the shoulder,” she says.

“I will present case studies and then get people to work through the case studies and looking at what’s a way to get more women to the business or challenging an unconscious bias.”

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