How much is payroll tax costing you?

21 December, 2016

Ever wondered how much money your business would save each year if the payroll tax threshold was lifted?

Wonder no more.

CCI has created an online Payroll Tax Calculator to empower business owners to work out exactly how much they could save if the WA Government chooses to lift the payroll tax threshold.

Enter your annual payroll estimation and get an instant answer right here.

CCI is calling out payroll tax reform as the number one priority for industry heading into the March 2017 state election – the most important election in a generation.

WA business has long believed that payroll tax is a tax on jobs that stops business owners from expanding and stops businesses creating jobs for the state’s workers.

CCI Chief Executive Deidre Willmott says WA businesses feel penalised for being successful and want the payroll tax threshold incrementally increased – by $50,000 per year – before ultimately being abolished.

“Payroll tax is holding WA businesses back from growing their businesses and creating jobs. The time for change is now,” Willmott says.

“Payroll tax is particularly damaging for WA’s small businesses – small business owners tell us that as their payroll approaches the threshold, they are putting a stop to new employment altogether to prevent their business from being burdened with another tax.

“At a time when WA has the highest jobless rate in the country, the future state government must provide payroll tax relief for SMEs and give all businesses the legislative support they need to grow, stimulate the economy and create jobs for WA workers.

“Payroll tax should be immediately indexed to CPI to maintain the existing threshold and prevent further bracket creep.”

► Find out how much money your business could save – test out our payroll tax calculator today.