Skills and Training

Globalisation, rapid technological advances and shifting employment environments are changing the nature of work and the skills being demanded by business. It is vital that policy settings align individuals, businesses and government to ensure the WA labour market has the skills and capacity to drive economic growth.  

We believe people are vital to the success of Western Australian businesses. The ability to access the right skills at the right time is central to the State’s productivity and competitiveness.

We’re working for

  • Helping businesses understand how global trends are changing the nature of jobs so they can continue to find workers with the right skills. 
  • Leveraging the knowledge of the business community to improve the workplace readiness of students entering the workforce. 
  • Supporting policy measures that enhance the ability of the education sector to respond to labour market conditions.  
  • Advocating for a migration system that enables business to access critical skills when the local labour market is tight.  

Policy in action

We are supporting the implementation of the State Government’s STEM Strategy by helping devise approaches that bring businesses and educators together to raise the STEM capacity of all Western Australians.

Urging the State Government to implement policy settings that ensure Western Australian businesses can access skilled migrants when they cannot find people with the right skills locally.