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28 November, 2017

CCI Apprenticeship Support Australia, in conjunction with the Department of Employment want to make it easier for employers to connect with enthusiastic and motivated young job seekers.

Our Employability Stars are young people who have recently been through the PaTH Program’s Prepare Employability Courses, giving them additional skills and behaviours to be great employees. They have been deemed outstanding candidates for the workplace by Centre Care trainers.

Do you have an opportunity in your business to give someone a go?  Below are this month's STAR job seekers!

Job seeker of the month

With 18 months experience working in a warehouse as a forklift driver and crane operator, our job seeker of the month is keen to transfer his skills to plumbing. High attention to detail, reliable, resilient potential employee ready for the opportunity to shine in your business.

Employability star 1

A university graduate with a double degree in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, this Employability star could be your next top trainee or apprentice in your business. This candidate has experience in data analysis, process operations and laboratory work and has exceptional ‘can do attitude’.

Employability star 2

A fit and enthusiastic team player, this Employability Star would be a great match for a hands-on trade or traineeship. Having prior experience in labour work and horticulture, this candidate has completed OH&S and White card compliance and is raring to get back into work. They are a quick learner, hard worker and take pride in being a great asset to any team or workplace.

Employability star 3

Energetic, friendly and confident, this Employability Star is looking for a full time role in Hospitality or personal training. With experience in both sectors, this candidate brings great communication skills, excellent service skills and great recall/memory skills that make them a fantastic choice to put in front of customers that expect top service.  

Employability star 4

Fast, attentive, tech savvy and intelligent, this Employability star is looking for an opportunity to start their career in hospitality. With prior experience in kitchens and liquor stores, this all-rounder would a great team player in any service industry business. 

► Interested in any of our STARs?  Call Libby Kinna today on 08 9365 7674.

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