Group Training Organisations - Q&A

22 November, 2018

Q: What is Group Training?

A: Group Training is an employment and training arrangement whereby an organisation employs apprentices under a Training Contract and places them with Host Employers.

The Group Training Organisation (GTO) undertakes the employer responsibilities for the apprentice or trainees’ employment and training.

Q: What is a host employer?

A: Host employers are businesses of any size, that provide the on-the-job training and experience for an apprentice or trainee.

Q: What are the Host Employers responsibilities?


  • Provide work experience to the apprentice/trainee relevant to the apprenticeship/traineeship.
  • Check and sign time sheets for hours worked
  • Ensure that the apprentice/trainee attends off-the-job training
  • Allow GTO access to apprentice/trainee for contact visits to discuss progress
  • Pay GTO invoice for apprentice/trainee wages, superannuation and other on-costs and other services.

Q: What are some of the benefits of using a Group Training Organisation?


  • The GTO takes on the responsibility of employing the staff member including wages, superannuation, workers compensation, annual leave etc.
  • Recruitment assistance is provided. GTOs will source an apprentice/trainee based on your individual company’s requirements.
  • The GTO will monitor the apprentice/trainees progress and work with the apprentice/trainee to help them complete training successfully.

Q: What are the costs?

A: With Group Training, the prices are inclusive of all costs. This often includes wages, superannuation, uniforms and PPE, training and other additional costs. 

The price can vary for each apprentice/trainee depending on the wage award the apprentice/trainee would be employed under and the services the GTO offers. Please speak to the GTOs directly for costs.

Q: What happens if I no longer need an apprentice?

A: If the apprentice or trainee is no longer required, the GTO will find the apprentice/trainee a new host employer. 

Q: How many GTOs are in WA?

A: There are currently 26 registered GTO’s operating in Western Australia

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