Inside Knowledge - Q & A with Louisa

22 August, 2018

Louisa Lidington from Apprenticeship Support Australia answers some frequently asked questions.

My employee is on a visa, can they still be an apprentice?

A training contract may be refused by the Apprenticeship Office if the prospective apprentice or trainee is not an Australian citizen, Permanent Resident or their visa does not support the employment and study arrangements of the training contract.

Visas that do NOT support the employment and study arrangements include:

  • Bridging Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Subclass 457 Primary Visa holders (secondary visa holders may still be eligible)

See the Apprenticeship Office fact sheet for more information.

Has the minimum repayments threshold for Trade Support Loans changed for the 2018-19 financial year?

Yes. The Federal Government has announced that the minimum repayment threshold for those individuals that have a Trade Support Loan is now $51,957. This means if you hold a Trade Support Loan from the Government, you will be required to start making payments (which are automatically deducted from your pay), if you are earning over this amount.

Please note that when Apprentices apply for their Trade Support Loan payments to continue this financial year, they will need to complete a new Tax File Declaration form with their pay roll person at their place of employment to ensure they are taxed appropriately.

Please call Apprenticeship Support Australia on 1300 363 831 if you require further assistance.