Cyber security experts to speak at Chamber Talks event

Cyber security has become an essential aspect of modern business operations, as hackers and cyber criminals continually find new ways to exploit vulnerabilities and steal sensitive data. CCIWA and Ever Nimble have recognised the urgency of this matter and are co-hosting a Chamber Talks event, ‘From Confidential to Compromised: Protecting Your Company’s Most Valuable Asset’ on Wednesday 2 August at 7.30am. 

Understanding the importance of confidentiality

In the digital age, information has become a potent currency, and businesses heavily rely on confidential data to gain a competitive edge. This data can include customer information, financial records, proprietary processes, intellectual property, and strategic plans. Losing control over such sensitive data can lead to disastrous consequences, including financial losses, reputational damage, and even the collapse of the business. 

A growing threat 

Cyber threats are not only increasing in frequency but also in sophistication. Cyber criminals have become highly adept at exploiting vulnerabilities and utilising social engineering tactics to gain unauthorised access to company systems. Malware, phishing attacks, ransomware and data breaches are just a few of the many ways cybercriminals attempt to compromise sensitive information. 

The role of cyber security 

To protect their most valuable asset, businesses must prioritise cybersecurity. Implementing robust security measures is no longer optional; it is a fundamental requirement. Cyber security entails a comprehensive strategy that encompasses technical solutions, employee training, risk assessment, incident response plans, and continuous monitoring. 

Chamber Talks event 

The Chamber Talks event, co-hosted by CCIWA and Ever Nimble, offers a platform for attendees to engage with an award-winning global team from Ever Nimble and other cybersecurity experts. Participants will have the opportunity to: 

  • Gain insights from industry experts: The event will feature knowledgeable experts who have a deep understanding of the evolving cyber security landscape. They will provide real-world insights and best practices to safeguard businesses from cyber threats. 
  • Discover optimal cyber security investments: Determining the right level of investment in cyber security can be challenging for businesses of all sizes. Attendees will learn how to strike the right balance between security measures and cost to effectively protect their confidential data. 
  • Navigate the cyber security maze: With myriad of cyber security solutions available, it can be overwhelming for businesses to select the most suitable ones. The event will guide attendees in navigating this complex landscape and choosing the right tools and practices for their specific needs. 
  • Importance of employee training and awareness: Employees play a crucial role in maintaining the cybersecurity posture of an organisation. The event will emphasise the significance of ongoing training and fostering a security-conscious culture among employees. 

 CCIWA Senior Associate Daniel Vivian can offer a free consultation to discuss your specific cyber security concerns. Contact Daniel on 0435339474 or via [email protected] 

 To register for the event, click here. 

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