Your to-do list as JobKeeper ends

Need more help? Our letter templates can help you inform staff that JobKeeper payments and directions are ending. Click on the image above for more.

The JobKeeper scheme is set to end on 28 March 2021

If you’re currently receiving JobKeeper or utilising the temporary flexibilities available via the Fair Work Act JobKeeper provisions to manage staff, there are steps you must take to prepare.

To do:

  • We recommend you let your employees know that they are no longer receiving JobKeeper payments before the program ends on 28 March. While there is no strict requirement under the Fair Work Act to do this, it is particularly important to communicate these changes if the employee’s take-home pay will change as a result. See template letter A.
  • You should also let your employees know that any JobKeeper-enabling direction will stop when the program ends on 28 March – this also needs to be done ahead of the scheme’s end. From 29 March 2021, employees will revert to their usual employment terms and conditions. See template letter B.
  • If you haven’t already done so, consider your business’s financial health, staffing arrangements and other incentives you may be able to access. If you are still suffering from a downturn in business, there are a range of options you can explore. 
    • Before making any changes to staffing arrangements, we recommend you call CCIWA’s Employee Relations Advice Centre on 9365 7660, or email
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  • To claim payments for the JobKeeper fortnights ending in March 2021, you must have enrolled by 31 March 2021.  You must then submit your March monthly business declaration to the ATO by 14 April 2021.
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