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‘Closing loops’ will help but what can you do to proactively improve your workplace?

New workplace laws give businesses a chance to review their practices to get ahead of some of the changes, writes CCIWA Member Adapt.

Criminal history in spotlight in unfair dismissal case

In a recent tribunal decision, an employee's criminal history was at the centre of an alleged discrimination claim.  Our employee relations experts analyse the outcome. 

Labour hire injury and return to work programs explained

New workers’ compensation laws kick in on July 1. Our WHS team examines the rules on workers residing outside WA, labour hire injury and return to work programs.

FWC case study – Craig Perkins v iFab Steel

Our experts examine an unfair dismissal claim where the employee had been terminated due to numerous missed deadlines, unauthorised absences, unsatisfactory work and negative client feedback. 

Workers’ compensation laws – insurance and income compensation explained

Is your business prepared for the new workers’ compensation laws? With a start date of July 1, 2024, looming our WHS team examines the rules around insurance and income compensation.

Managing medicinal cannabis in the workplace

Since medicinal cannabis was legalised for prescribed medical uses in 2015, its rate of use continues to grow. But what are the work health and safety implications of this? CCIWA WHS Senior Practition...

Pulse Check: parental leave pay – your questions answered

What are the rules around parental leave pay? Our experts answer your FAQs.

Privacy Act changes explained

A proposed overhaul of the Federal Privacy Act would represent a major shift in how organisations collect, use and manage data. We explain how this could affect you.

Pulse Check: redundancy – your questions answered

What are your obligations as an employer around redundancy? Our experts answer your FAQs.

Case Study –   Skei Batton v The Environment Centre NT

The Fair Work Commission (FWC) handed down a decision in an unfair dismissal claim involving an employee and serious misconduct.

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Electric vehicles: Common myths debunked

Electric vehicles are making waves worldwide, with sales continuing to grow. But how efficient are EVs for your business? CCIWA Corporate Member Mitsubishi Motors debunks the most common EV myths.

Mastering export contracts: a guide for businesses

Our guide provides key considerations for export contracts to support businesses entering the global market.

Workplace delegate rights – what you need to know

The Federal Government’s overhaul of workplace laws has triggered changes to the workplace delegate definition and rights, as well as right of entry powers.

WHS transitional arrangements update

Under WA’s Work Health and Safety laws, businesses have been able to work through transitional arrangements. With many timeframes set to expire, we explain the key dates.