Astryx putting its ‘star’ on WA business scene

By Mollie Tracey

It has been full steam ahead for Astryx since its expansion into Western Australia in October 2022.

Based in Canberra and established in 2019, Astryx is a procurement and commercial consulting firm, servicing government, private and industry clients.

Principals Megan Fechner and Caroline McDonald saw an opportunity to build a dedicated team in WA run by locals who understand the WA business environment and the challenges faced by WA business owners, particularly in the regions.

Senior engagement lead Liz Clarson heads up the Astryx WA team of three commercial specialists (including herself) who have extensive experience in procurement.

“Without a doubt, the best bit about my job is the outreach. Meeting new people and helping them understand the true crux of their procurement and commercial issues and working collaboratively with them to find effective and efficient and most of all, sustainable solutions, is why I love it,” Clarson says.

Boutique service with big impact

Procurement and commercial advisory is a competitive sector with many large organisations. While Astryx is smaller enterprise, Clarson says its boutique services are nimbler and more adaptable to client needs.

“We are a values-based organisation who have the integrity to understand our limitations. We have a network of strategic partners with whom, if the body of work requires, we are very happy to collaborate to deliver a broader range of quality professional services,” she says.

“In fact here in WA, we have begun a very solid relationship with another CCIWA Member to progress WA-based work packages.”

Clarson says the Astryx team works collaboratively with clients and approaches everything with creativeness, curiosity and applies the rigor of its values and combined experiences through a team-driven methodology.

“Our clients do not just get one Astryx team member, they are offered the whole team. In this way, our clients are assured that an Astryx team member will always have their back,” she says.

Learning from supply chain challenges

Like for many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic was a big learning experience for Astryx – especially for a business still in its infancy. But Astryx emerged from the pandemic with learnings to pass onto its clients.

“Astryx cut its teeth during the pandemic and has been able to learn from its experience to emerge as a trusted advisor to government and a dedicated partner for clients. We provide consultancy services to a wide range of clients and through that provision, we have been able to assist clients to plan for supply chain disruptions by proposing alternative commercial solutions based upon our experience gained from a broad spectrum of work.”

Member Hub acts a WA base

Astryx became a CCIWA Member soon after expanding to WA and has found the Member Hub to be a convenient “home base”.

“The CCIWA Member Hub is so useful, we use it at least once a week. It’s a great space and the location is so handy for meetings and team workshops. The Astryx WA team, being so new, work from home so when we can all meet at the Hub, it’s like we have a home base,” Clarson says.

“I am always extolling the virtues of the Hub and actively encourage other CCIWA Members to come and use the space. The Canberra team are quite jealous, I might add.”

A network for business growth

In establishing a WA presence, Clarson says Astryx has seen great benefit from CCIWA’s networks, events, training and access to regional Chambers.

“The best thing is that we feel like we aren’t alone and that we are Members of a network of other WA businesses who are experiencing life as an SME, the same as we are.”

To be part of WA’s peak business organisation, get in touch via 1300 422 492 or [email protected].

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