Work functions — avoiding the silly season hangover

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When it comes to the festive season, workplace functions can be a recipe for disaster if the proper planning, policies, and procedures aren’t in place. 

Group of cheerful creative people having fun on Christmas party in the office. Focus is on blond woman.

According to Marcia Lawrence, CCIWA Senior HR Consultant, “calls to CCIWA’s Employee Relations Advice Centre often spike in January with employers seeking advice on incidents alleged to have occurred at end-of-year work functions”. 

After all, a safe and successful end-of-year function is not as simple as booking a location and inviting employees to turn up. Employers must take reasonable steps to prevent unlawful behaviour from occurring. 

So, what could constitute reasonable steps?

Here are CCIWA’s top 10 tips for a festive season function that is both enjoyable and safe for all:  

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