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Business Law WA is an experienced and innovative practice that specialises in employment matters for small to medium-sized businesses in Perth.

Business Law WA is proudly powered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA).

Our hands-on approach results in comprehensive solutions for your workplace issues.

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Our specialties

Workplace Relations and Safety

  • Industrial Relations matters and disputes; Employee Relations issues
  • Limiting transaction costs associated with IR and ER disputes by providing long-lasting solutions to underlying problems
  • Ensure clients are informed about potential legal risks; developing strategies to minimise or eliminate risks
  • Advice on actively managing workplace Occupational Safety and Health

Dispute Resolution and Dispute Management

  • Advice on settling disputes early, resulting in reduced expenditure and increased productivity
  • The modelling of dispute strategies to effectively quell disputes before they become an issue
  • Representation at Fair Work Commission matters or in court if litigation is necessary
  • Ensure that contracts contain necessary protections if a dispute arises

Contract Review and Drafting

  • Employment contracts – review employment contracts to ensure they protect your interests as an employer whilst ensuring the contract terms are lawful and meet minimum employment standards
  • Goods and services contracts – ensure your contracts don’t contain unfair terms, while protecting your commercial interests. This is particularly important when dealing with members of the public, as they are often protected by the relevant consumer law
  • Bespoke contract requirements – ensure your interests are protected, and the contract remains lawful and in-force

Performance Management and Misconduct

  • Advice on managing employees
  • Know your rights and obligations in communicating issues to employees
  • Enacting strategies to combat poor workplace performance
  • Advice on properly managing misconduct
  • Preparing tailored performance management and misconduct guides

Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Matters

  • Help understanding your rights and responsibilities, ensuring your business remains liability free
  • Advice about hiring people who face barriers to employment, including funding and incentive schemes available for businesses that support people with a disability, Indigenous Australians, the long-term unemployed and the mature-aged

Fair Work Commission Matters

  • Our expertise helps put workplace practices in place to prevent matters going to the Commission
  • Representation at the Commission if needed – including assistance with lodging responses and appearing before the Tribunal on behalf of clients

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