Australian Trusted Trader

If you are engaged in international trade, you may be able to save time and money and access a range of benefits, through the Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Programme.

Australian Trusted Trader Programme

The ATT Programme is a regulatory framework based on partnership and shared responsibility between Australian Border Force and businesses in international trade who can demonstrate:

  • supply chain security
  • a history of compliant behaviour
  • business sustainability.

It’s a voluntary trade facilitation initiative which provides accreditation to a trusted international supply chain.

Better your place in the global marketplace

Achieving Trusted Trader status can deliver tangible benefits.

We’ll navigate you, step by step through accreditation and set-up

Whether you have a longstanding global supply chain or are pursuing international trade opportunities, CCIWA can assist you to prepare for and obtain, Trusted Trader accreditation. Our highly experienced practitioners will:

  • Undertake a process review to identify and maximise all available benefits under the scheme relevant to your supply chain
  • Ensure your business meets Border Force and international “best practice” through a gap analysis process
  • Prepare and lodge the application on your behalf
  • Manage the process through to completion and accreditation
  • Respond to any queries or requests for clarification and facilitate a validation visit from Border Force officers
  • Leverage our existing relationships within the ATT division of Border Force
  • Negotiate the ATT formal Trusted Trader agreement and any bespoke benefits
  • Help you to continue to maximise the benefits of ATT as you grow and evolve, through ongoing post-accreditation guidance and support.

How can CCIWA help me to become accredited?


ATT Process Review

Process review & appraisal


ATT Process Gap

Process gap analysis


ATT Address Gaps

Address gaps


ATT Apply and Negotiate

Apply & negotiate

The ATT Programme can better your position in international trade and strengthening your supply chain. Get in touch, start being rewarded with the benefits.