The implementation of State and Federal policies that promote strong economies and enable growth are critical to the success of Australian importers and exporters.

At the International Trade and Investment Centre (ITIC), part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCI), we are committed to contributing to those policies, advocating for business and lobbying to increase the attraction for international trade and investment facilitation in WA.

The focus of our advocacy efforts is to reduce government red tape across importing, exporting, investment and policy.

CCI’s Economics, Policy and Advocacy team have primary responsibility for the advocacy agenda and execution. ITIC supports their efforts by providing technical expertise and connections to WA business and government stakeholders to help improve policy that affects import/export and international investment in WA.

We pro-actively work to make it easier to do business in WA by:

  • Advocating for lower barriers to international trade and investment
  • Increased investment into port, air and logistics infrastructure to facilitate more trade
  • Increase State Government resources allocated to supporting export trade and inbound investment development
  • Creating networking opportunities for international trade and investment stakeholders through training and forums to increase collaboration and build long-term capability

CCI regularly collaborates with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to alert Members about industry consultation sessions seeking input into Australia’s Free Trade Agreements as well as providing Member-based input into State and Federal international trade policy frameworks.

More information

P: (08) 9365 7620

E: trade@cciwa.com

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