Guide to Managing Parental Leave

The Guide to Managing Parental Leave and Associated Entitlements contains an extensive suite of template HR forms covering all aspects of managing pregnancy at work, parental leave, flexible work requests and other return to work arrangements following a parental leave period.

The guide includes guidance notes to assist in understanding and implementation of all aspects of parental leave and associated entitlements, including information on (but not limited to):

  • Health and safety considerations
  • Notice and evidence requirements
  • Concurrent leave for dads and partners
  • Keeping in touch days
  • Government paid parental leave and dad and partner pay schemes
  • Interaction with other paid leave
  • Managing leave for pregnancy related illness
  • Restructuring during parental leave periods - obligations
  • Managing flexible work arrangement requests 

The guide also includes all of the critical HR templates associated with parental leave, including:

  • A comprehensive parental leave policy
  • Manager’s checklist 
  • Temporary cover contract
  • Letters accepting/ refusing requests for part time return and flexible work arrangements
  • Leave request forms
  • Requests for keeping in touch days 
  • Letters and correspondence on transfer to safe job
  • Requests for notice of leave dates and required evidence…and much more

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