CCI's Employers' Guide to Managing Drugs and Alcohol in the WorkplaceThe Employers’ Guide to Managing Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace is CCIWA’s premier guide for preventing and/ or managing the effects of drugs and alcohol at work. The guide is critical for any business wanting to introduce drug and/ or alcohol testing and to be in a position to deal appropriately with the outcome of positive test results.

The guide contains comprehensive and easy to follow guidance notes for employers on the subject matter and offers practical information on:

  • Introducing drug and alcohol testing into the workplace
  • Creating and implement drug and alcohol polices
  • Current accepted drug testing methods
  • Performance management processes
  • Termination due to drug and alcohol possession and/ or use and affects at work
  • Up-to-date case law examples on drug and alcohol testing in the workplace

…and much more.

The Guide also contains a pro-forma drug and alcohol policy, authority to test, chain of custody documents, check lists for work functions and all associated performance management documents for download and customisation.

View this guide's content pages for a more detailed breakdown of topics covered.

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