CCIWA HR Business Basics Manual

If you’re setting up a business or need to update your human resources systems, CCIWA’s HR Business Basics Manual will guide you through the process..

Compiled by CCIWA’s Employee Relations specialists, this guide covers the complete lifecycle of employment from recruitment through to termination and everything in between. With a suite of the most critical HR documents and supplementary guidance notes, the guide is a must-have for small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

The manual contains user-friendly guidance notes that outline simple steps on how to implement the policies and forms included. With a comprehensive suite of critical policies that all businesses need, contracts of employment, performance management forms, written warning letters, termination letters and so much more, this guide has you covered.

Specifically tailored for SMEs, the manual is perfect for companies looking to establish HR systems for the first time or update and build on existing HR material.

Subscribers to the manual receive:

  • A 12 month up-date service with regular correspondence to notify of legislative changes and case law development affecting content;
  • Downloadable Word versions of all HR templates and forms for customisation;
  • CCIWA Members get unlimited, *FREE over-the-phone backup support by our Employee Relations experts;
  • Heavily discounted legal support for review of any major changes to template content, additional content drafting and specific customisation.

Subscribers wanting to modify templates can also send these through to for a *FREE preliminary review.

The manual offers exceptional value for money when compared to the cost of having similar documents drafted by a solicitor. It can also help mitigate the risk of legal action being taken when implemented correctly.

You can view the contents page of the HR Business Basics Manual here

*FREE as part of most membership packages.