Recruitment and Termination Guide

The Recruitment and Termination Guide is specifically focused on the key areas of recruitment and termination with comprehensive coverage of all employment law elements relating to employing staff and ending the employment relationship. The guide contains both guidance notes, and a number of critical HR templates to assist employers in undertaking these activities.

A must for small to medium sized enterprises seeking to mitigate risk during recruitment and termination activities, this guide includes detailed information on:


  • equal employment opportunity considerations
  • ways to mitigate risk in pre-employment activities
  • tips and tricks to attract and retain quality candidates
  • best practise recruitment processes
  • recruitment tools
  • linking recruitment to organisational strategy
  • employing overseas workers
  • induction and on-boarding

Ending the employment relationship

  • performance management processes
  • managing workplace bullying, sexual harassment and other formal grievances
  • undertaking workplace investigations
  • mitigating risk in termination
  • redundancy process
  • frustration of contract
  • transfer of business
  • managing high-risk terminations including:
    • during workers compensation periods
    • restructure during parental leave periods
    • long term ill/injured employees

The guide assists users navigate through the risk areas and mitigate the likelihood of claims arising. Included are around 50 HR templates containing:

  • critical HR policies
  • performance management and termination letters
  • pro-forma interview questions
  • job applications forms…and much more!

View this guide's content pages for a more detailed breakdown of topics covered.

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