Whistle blows for Gnarla Biddi

The State Government is calling for registered Aboriginal businesses to participate in its multibillion dollar Metronet projects, as part of its new Aboriginal engagement strategy.

The Gnarla Biddi (Our Pathways) Strategy is targeting 3 per cent of both State government and Metronet contracts over $50k to be awarded to registered Aboriginal businesses by 2021 and beyond.

All Metronet Project Delivery Contractors will require an Aboriginal Engagement and Participation plan outlining how they will include the five engagement streams named in the strategy in their delivery of works.

The streams include Noongar cultural recognition, Noongar cultural input into place making, Aboriginal procurement, Aboriginal employment and land access and management.

The strategy – accepted by the Whadjuk and Gnaala Karla Booja Working Parties and renamed ‘Gnarla Biddi’ in December – was released today.

A Gnarla Biddi Strategy drop-in information session will be held on February 7 from 10am to 1pm at One40 William Street, Perth. Visit here to register and a summary of the engagement streams and targets is available on the Metronet website.

ICN Principal Supply Chain consultant Linus O’Brien said ICN Gateway was leading the way with supply chain involvement and this indigenous initiative was another way to get a broad range of suppliers on board with the project.

“CCIWA through ICN has been engaging Aboriginal businesses and suppliers in major private sector projects for decades with large companies such as Woodside, Chevron and BHP,” he said.

“And now with the State Government introducing this Aboriginal engagement to the Metronet project, ICN can also facilitate in this area.

“We have already initiated Metronet railcar and Yanchep and Thornlie rail extensions projects by listing packages on the ICN Gateway and this will allow indigenous companies to register their interest and capability on the project.”

The packages are worth a total of about $2.7 billion.

For more information contact Linus O’Brien on (08) 9365 7556 or Linus.OBrien@icnwa.org.au.

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