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Our Position Statement

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COVID-19 relief package for City of Perth businesses

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Find out how we can help

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Our vision is for WA to be the best place to live and do business. We're ready to help you with the core challenges you face.

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More than 2,000 WA businesses and community members seek our advice each month. They draw on our collective expertise and knowledge so they can focus on the most important thing – running their business.

We can advise on day to day operations, solving compliance issues, reducing the risk to your workforce or making the most of any opportunities that come your way.

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Latest News

Developing a mental health strategy
October 7, 2022 Developing a mental health strategy
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Mental health in the workplace
October 7, 2022 Mental health in the workplace
Does your business have strategies in place to support employee mental health at work? Our Mental Health in the...
Sales tells of leadership, human nature and power of community
October 4, 2022 Sales tells of leadership, human nature and power of community
Award-winning journalist and author Leigh Sales has offered a candid insight into her life and career and what it...

Advocating for change

We have a track record of championing policy based on the principles of free enterprise. By standing together, we amplify the voice of our stakeholders - businesses, families, consumers and the WA workforce - and bring industry and WA community concerns directly to key decision-makers.
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Energy & Resources
Focusing on the efficient production, supply and consumption of energy and resources in WA.
Health and Community Homepage
Health & Community
Supporting a sustainable, capable and innovative health and community services industry in WA.
Infrastructure Homepage
Ensuring WA plans and delivers infrastructure projects that provide the most economic benefit for the State.
Manufacturing Homepage
Backing WA’s dynamic and diverse manufacturing sector to ensure it is well-placed to capitalise on opportunities in domestic and international markets.
Regulation Homepage
Minimising red tape and poorly designed regulations so you can focus on growing your business and creating jobs.
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State Finances
Prioritising responsible fiscal management in support of a thriving WA economy.