Let’s make WA the best place to live and do business – together

CCIWA exists to advance trade and commerce in Western Australia so we can make our State the best place to live and do business.

Our team is a reflection of the community we serve. We are fuelled by ideas, action, and individuals seeking purpose. We believe in tackling business challenges together, viewing change as an opportunity to make a positive impact.

We especially champion business people who put their capital and livelihoods at risk so they can improve the lives of their families, workers and the broader community.

In our workplace we also champion the potential in everyone, helping people grow and develop while celebrating uniqueness.

We cultivate a culture where everyone can be themselves. We understand the value of a diverse and inclusive workplace – it’s good for business. By ensuring every voice is heard and every idea valued, we create a supportive environment.

Our own engagement surveys and those run by the Diversity Council of Australia reflect we are one of the best workplaces in WA. Join us in our mission to make WA the best place to live and do business.

We Welcome Different

Our people are aligned by wanting to improve our State, making it a better place for our community to live, work and do business.

In that spirit of possibility, we believe there should be no barriers to our people reaching their fullest potential. That’s why we welcome and celebrate our peoples’ uniqueness, encouraging a culture in which everyone can express their authentic selves with confidence.

A diverse and inclusive workplace is good for business.

When every voice and idea is genuinely heard, people feel valued and supported – one reason we rate among the best workplaces in WA.

Female Representation

Female Representation

The female representation of our people is 71% across roles that incl:

64% Managers
25% Associate Directors
25% Executives
63% Board Members

Carer Status

Carer Status

39% of our people are parental carers

Cultural Diversity

Cultural Diversity

Our people identify with 45 different cultures

Indigenous Representation

Indigenous Representation

5% of our people identify as Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander

Religion and Faith

Religion and Faith

Our people are made up of 16 different religions and counting



Our people speak 33 different languages, and 37% of our people are multi-lingual



42% of our people are born overseas



9% of our people identify as having a disability

Measurable Respect

Measurable Respect

94.6% of employees report that they strongly agree + agree that our leaders “Treat everyone fairly, whatever their age, culture/ethnicity, disability, gender, Indigenous background, or sexual orientation”



10% of our people identify as LGBTQIA+

Generational Representation

Generational Representation

Our people’s age range shows that:

43% are younger than 35 years old
32% are 35 to 44 years old
26% are 45+ years old

Flexible Working

Flexible Working

85% Of our people have flexible work arrangements.

These statistics are valid as at 20-08-2023

We focus on what matters

90% of our employees agree that CCIWA is taking action to create a workplace that is diverse and inclusive.

We want you to feel challenged. We want you to grow.

We want the contribution you make to our organisation and the reflections on your experience with us to be overwhelmingly positive.

During your time with us, we’ll give you opportunities to make constructive contributions that go further than just our organisation.

CCIWA has played an important role in advancing trade and commerce in Western Australia since 1890. It is a fraction of the time our First Nations people have spent living here. And it is critical we reflect that, across this period of our organisation’s existence, our First Nations people have not been afforded the human dignity and economic rights of so many others in our community.

While our economy has achieved extraordinary advancements in this time, the prosperity has not been shared with the people who have connected with our land for more than 60,000 years. It is an enormous moral failure that needs to be addressed. CCIWA’s commitment to play our part is absolute and there are two fundamental dimensions to this. Within our organisation

We will take action.

View our Reconciliation Action Plan & about our commitment to reconciliation here.

CCIWA strives to make our State a better place for our community in every aspect.

We embrace the spirit of possibility and believe that everyone should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. That’s why we value and celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of our people and create a culture where they can be themselves with confidence. CCIWA believes that diversity and inclusion are not only beneficial for our people but also essential for our business and the community.

By embracing different perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences, we can foster a culture of innovation, creativity, and excellence in our decision-making. This is how we can become a more modern, impactful, and dynamic organisation. When we listen to and respect different voices and ideas, we foster a sense of belonging and support among our employees – which is why CCIWA is one of the best workplaces in WA and a recognised Inclusive Employer by the Diversity Council of Australia.

CCIWA aims to enhance its reputation as an employer of choice, a trusted partner, and a responsible corporate citizen in WA. CCIWA invites all its employees, members, and stakeholders to join us on this journey of continuous improvement towards a more diverse and inclusive future. CCIWA is proud to be recognised as an ‘inclusive employer’ by the Diversity Council of Australia (DCA) in 2023. This reflects CCIWA’s commitment to understanding and celebrating diversity and inclusion within the organisation.

We are committed to promoting and improving gender equality in the workplace. You can read our Workplace Gender Equity Agency Statement here.

We are humbled and proud that our Members overwhelmingly support the Education Development Fund (EDF) via voluntary contributions alongside their annual Membership fees. With these vital funds, the EDF provides financial support to uplift and motivate young Western Australians who come from social disadvantage, poverty or in-need communities.

CCIWA currently works with the Smith Family and the Clontarf Foundation to support youth to overcome disadvantage while at school to offer better life outcomes. We sponsor 75 students through the Smith Family and 10 Students through the Clontarf Foundation to give them access to improved educational and schooling support.

We also provide career inspiration and motivational events and activities to youth and teachers to better connect industry to the education system, providing opportunities to inspire, encourage and motivate. Staff can get involved in many ways with our activities throughout the year.

There’s also CCIWA’s Charity Initiative, where we select and support a WA Charity from our Membership base. An application process is run every 2-3 years. Our initiatives include staff events, bake sales, generous raffles, tax-deductible payroll contributions and plenty of prizes for supporting us across the year. We also sell merchandise, snacks and other items via our staff Charity Store. All funds go to our chosen charity partner. In recent years we have provided more than $120,000 worth of funding between the Cancer Council WA and Zonta House Refuge Association.

Perks of working with us

We proudly invest in our people through different initiatives, incentives and development opportunities.

Working with us will give you access to a range of benefits that help you balance work with the things that matter to you.

We care about your wellbeing and mental health, and we want to ensure our people are looking after themselves.

Ready to find your next opportunity?

We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation that has been the voice of business for more than 130 years.

With more than 7,400 Members from across all regions and industries, we want this State to be the best place to live and do business.

During your time with us, we will work with you to develop your career. We ensure you feel supported and have the skills and capabilities you need to succeed at CCIWA and across the rest of your career.

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