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CCIWA’s specialist economics team provides your business with in-depth market intelligence that is relevant to the West Australian economy.

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60-second Economic Wrap

CCIWA Principal Economist James Walsh gives an informative rundown of the latest economic news impacting your business.

The CCIWA Business Confidence Survey is the longest running and most comprehensive business survey in WA. Produced quarterly it covers businesses of all sizes and sectors across the state and includes:

  • Expert analysis about the short and medium-term business confidence
  • Comprehensive data regarding issues such as labour costs, profitability, and capital expenditure

Western Australian business confidence has continued its decline over the December quarter, as skilled labour shortages and cost pressures continue to bite. Confidence levels for the next 12 months are now at their lowest since the beginning of the pandemic.

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The first of its kind in the State, the CCIWA Consumer Confidence survey provides invaluable insights into the attitudes and sentiments of Western Australian consumers.

Analysis includes:

  • Short and medium-term expectations of economic conditions provided by metropolitan and regional consumers
  • The major concerns for consumers in the current economic climate – including spending habits, employment prospects and financial health

WA consumer sentiment has slumped over the three months to December as cost-of-living pressures, interest rate rises, and global economic and political risks escalate.

Western Australians remain particularly concerned about inflationary pressures, with living costs remaining the single biggest drag on consumer confidence this quarter – hurting 4 in 5 (79%) WA households. This continues to reflect higher consumer prices – both here and abroad – driven by persistent global supply chain disruptions, strong demand for goods, and higher input costs.

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Outlook is a biannual CCIWA publication that provides expert forward-looking economic analysis. It contains:

  • Analysis of the state, national and international economies
  • Economic forecasts on key indicators such as inflation, the labour force and employment

Produced by our well-informed and market-conscious economics team, Outlook makes sure you stay ahead of the current and expected changes in economic conditions.

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September 2022 Report

The world economy is at a turning point. More than two years of strong economic momentum has come to an end, and it is clear we are in a very different environment to this time six months ago. But amidst an increasingly turbulent and unpredictable global economic backdrop, Western Australia’s economic fundamentals remain on a solid footing and we are well positioned to navigate the next 12 months and beyond.

In this edition of Outlook, we unpack the key forces underpinning WA’s recent economic performance and outline how the economy could evolve in the months and years ahead.

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Western Australia’s regions are the engine room of the WA economy, supporting a range of key export industries, including resources, agriculture and tourism.

Regional Pulse breaks down key results from the CCIWA Business Confidence Survey, providing insights into the conditions facing businesses in WA’s regional centres. The report contains:

  • Comprehensive data on key economic indicators across the regions, including profitability, capital expenditure, production, labour costs and employment.
  • The major barriers facing regional businesses over the next 12 months.
October 2022

On average, regional businesses are slightly less optimistic than metro businesses in the short term but have similar expectations over the longer term.

Around two in five (41%) regional businesses expect stronger conditions over the next three months – three percentage points less than metro businesses (44%).

Looking to the next twelve months, regional and metro businesses have similar levels of confidence, with one in five (21%) regional businesses expecting stronger conditions, a similar proportion to metro businesses (22%).

Produced quarterly, our inflation update provides charts and tables on consumer price trends in Perth and all the capital cities.

September 2022
  • Nationally, CPI rose 1.8% in the September quarter, with inflation now 7.3% over the 12 months.
  • Perth was the only capital city to record a fall in inflation this quarter of -0.5% (compared with 1.7% in the June quarter).
  • What influenced CPI this quarter?
    • The electricity subsidy in WA saw electricity fall 84.3% over the quarter, while utilities fell 41.6%.
    • Automotive fuel also fell over the quarter (-5.8%) due to the reductions in crude oil prices globally.
    • International holidays & accommodation (+14.9%), Fruit and vegetables (+5.4%) and Childcare (+4.9%) saw the largest rises over the quarter.
Strategy 2023

From global to local, everything your business needs to know to plan for the future

The global business environment has experienced remarkable change over the past 24 months.

In this comprehensive WA-specific business strategy report, CCIWA’s expert economists outline – in simple language – how key global economic trends could shape local business performance and identify practical and relevant strategic opportunities to ensure your business stays ahead of the curve.

This report contains:

  • Global and State economic outlooks, including feature sections on China’s economy and exchange rates.
  • Key nation summary, containing in-depth analysis of economic conditions within WA’s key trading partners.
  • Detailed analysis of the most important issues facing WA business, including inflationary pressures, supply chain risk, and labour shortages.
  • WA Business Activity Heatmap, showing key focus areas for WA businesses over the next 12 months.
  • Special sections on leveraging new and emerging technologies, as well as capitalising on WA’s strategic and commercial advantages in tackling climate change.

Armed with the latest market intelligence, you will be better positioned to make informed strategic planning decisions and set your business up for success.

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