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The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA) proposes that the GST be reformed to create greater incentives for states to contribute to national economic growth.

CCIWA’s proposal to equalise to the average of the states ensures that every Australian citizen lives in a state that has the capacity to deliver a reasonable standard of services, while also restoring strong incentives for states to promote economic development. This is in line with the draft conclusion and recommendation of the Productivity Commission which CCIWA supports.

CCIWA Submissions

Post Draft Submission

Post Draft Submission

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia (CCIWA) strongly welcomes the Productivity Commission’s draft report on Horizontal Fiscal Equalisation.

The draft report has supported many of the conclusions outlined in CCIWA’s submission.

View the Post Draft Submission here

Post Draft Submission

Submission to the Productivity Commission

The principle and scale of horizontal fiscal equalisation (HFE) of Australian states and territories has significantly reduced incentives for national economic growth and has diminished GST revenue stability for the leading state.

Reforming the distribution formula of the GST is in the national interest and can stimulate national economic growth.

View the Submission here

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CCIWA polling finds that GST reform is still a major issue for WA, with 12 per cent of WA voters saying they would switch to Labor if GST reform was guaranteed. CCIWA's Chief Economist Rick Newnham says there is need for a holistic change to the GST system and calls on Bill Shorten to commit to a GST floor.

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