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Government buries uranium mining

CCI has criticised the State Government’s ban on the development of new uranium mines saying it will hinder WA’s economic recovery and undermine diversification of the state’s resources sector.

The ban will block all future applications to mine uranium in WA, consistent with a ban that existed between 2002 and 2008.

Currently progressing uranium mines such as Toro Energy’s Wiluna project, Cameco’s Kintyre and Yeelirrie projects, and Vimy Resources’ Mulga Rock project will not be blocked.

The ban denies the business community a significant opportunity to drive new economic growth and create more jobs for WA workers.

CCI chief executive Deidre Willmott says while the ban is disappointing, WA business did appreciate confirmation that uranium projects with State ministerial approval will still go ahead.

“Uranium is an untapped resource in WA that has vast potential to power new economic growth, through the construction of new mines and subsequent job creation,” she says.

“The WA community is therefore disappointed by the State Government’s announcement – countries within our region like Japan and India have reaffirmed their commitment to nuclear power in recent years, meaning there is a significant opportunity for uranium producers to capitalise on increased demand from our neighbours in Asia.

“While it is disappointing that the State Government has introduced a uranium ban, the business community is pleased that the government has clarified their position on previously-approved uranium mines – this gives industry much-needed certainty about these projects coming on line and opportunities related to these new developments.

“Every new mine built in WA brings with it economic growth, new opportunities for small and medium sized businesses throughout the supply chain and more jobs for WA workers.”

Willmott says CCI and the WA business community look forward to working with the McGowan Government to identify new opportunities for economic growth and diversification, both within the resources sector and across all WA industries.


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