Harassment – true or false?

By Beatrice Thomas

How well do you know workplace harassment laws?

Test yourself by hovering over the statements to reveal the answers.

Managers and employees can be held personally financially liable for harassment occurring


Making jokes or taunting someone about their age may constitute unlawful harassment


Swearing at someone can constitute workplace bullying


A joke which has sexual connotations can’t be taken as harassment if the workplace is somewhere where everyone always jokes around


Bullying can occur outside of the workplace, such as via comments made by co-workers to each other on Facebook


How well did you do?

If you had one or more wrong answers it's time to refresh your knowledge. Get in touch with our WHS team via the Employee Relations Advice Centre on (08) 9365 7660 or via advice@cciwa.com

Watch CCIWA's videos on workplace harassment at our Unboxing Employee Relations YouTube channel.

CCIWA's new eLearning Library has a suite of interactive modules on several topics to help run your business, including workplace harassment.

Test yourself on workplace harassment laws.

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