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Ten qualities of a good manager 

By CCIWA Editor 

A management checklist to set you on the right path.  

1. Do not micromanage 

A manager is clear about what needs to be done but trust your staff to handle the details of how it is done. 

2. Offer constructive, practical feedback 

Rather than just criticising, try to offer actionable advice about how staff can address performance problems 

3. Demonstrate and share skills 

Good managers have skills their staff can appreciate and respect and can bring the team with them by sharing those skills.   

4. Value employees as individuals 

Psychologists believe taking time to understand staff as individuals is key to a happy, productive workforce.

They, in turn, will feel invested in your business.

Try to offer flexibility when needed, and research shows staff will repay the favour many times over. 

5. Share relevant information about the business 

Don’t try to hide any business issues from staff. They need to understand and may even be able to help. 

6. Understand employees have goals too 

It is particularly important in micro and small businesses that employees feel they are learning and broadening their skills.  

Encourage employees to take on new challenges or pay for educational courses which will benefit your business too. It will often be a tax deduction. 

7. Praise 

Remember to celebrate success and acknowledge the input of key staff. 

8. Have clarity 

This can come back to structure and training, but employees are most frustrated and unproductive when they do not have clear goals. Ensure staff understand your priorities and timelines. 

9. Are accessible 

Good managers don’t just have an open-door policy, they walk through that open door and interact with staff regularly. 

10. Listen to feedback 

Your staff are the frontline. They see things you don’t and can provide valuable insights. 



A management checklist to set you on the right path.  

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