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Nail your pitch in 60 seconds

By CCIWA Editor 

Can you make your elevator pitch in a snappy 60 seconds?

A speed networking event is the perfect place to practise your pitch amongst a diverse range of professions.

Business representatives have just one minute to explain what they do and what they want before moving to the next connection.

And you never know who you might meet – presentation skills expert Global Institute of Training and Presenting’s CEO Paula Smith was among a group of professionals who attended a CCIWA-organised speed networking event.

“It was great to meet new people outside of my own professional network as well as to reconnect with professional colleagues,” Smith says.

“Speed networking is a great opportunity to refine your message in a short, sharp, simple strategy.

It is always a bit of fun and creates great conversation.”

As an expert in ‘presentation intelligence’, it’s Smith’s job at the institute to help leaders and business owners master their presentations and harness the power of speaking to grow their business and amplify their brand.

So as not to intimidate her fellow networkers, she always asks the person opposite to deliver their pitch first.

“I never tell anyone what I do until after they tell me, then I can refine what I say back to them, depending on what their needs are,” she says.

Smith came across a diverse range of professions at the networking event including surveyors, trainers, lawyers, painters and career counsellors.

“I’ve made some lovely connections. Everyone I met I followed up with an email of how we can keep in contact with each other if we need to.”

“Some have registered to come to my next presenting workshop which was wonderful,” she said

Smith’s top three tips to make the most of the 60 seconds are:

  1. Be clear about your message
  2. Listen more, talk less
  3. Be confident about telling the other person what you need

Dont miss your chance to build new connections. Keep an eye on CCIWA’s events page for the next speed networking event.

Can you make your elevator pitch in a snappy 60 seconds?

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